Use Faucet Rings For A Better 3D Movie Experience With Your Glasses

3D movies are sometimes a necessary evil, but they're especially evil when you already need to wear a pair of glasses to actually see the film. Wearing two pairs at once is never going to be terribly comfortable, but if you have to do it you can do it better using faucet rings.Reader Kevin Mack points out that you can just slide a faucet ring over both shafts of the frame of your eyeglasses and the 3D glasses to hold them together. (Or can see how this works by looking at the picture above.) Although I think the perfect solution is just seeing the movie in 2D (saves money, too!), if 3D is your only option this is a good way to make it a little easier on your already troublesome eyes.


    "if 3D is your only option"... Is there ever a case where this is true? Aren't all 3D movies at the cinemas shown in 2D along-side? And all 3D TVs have the ability to turn off the 3D?

      Ahh.. no. For example, when Kungfu Panda 2 was released there were no available 2D showings for about a month. Then they started to show it in 2D but in the theatres that are run down and in disrepair, as compared to the recently refurbished and well maintained theatres. We went to Liverpool Event Cinemas to see it in 2D and the theatre was like it hadn't had a lick of paint for over 10 years, let alone had someone actually cleaned the aisles for the entire day... yet there are some other perfectly nice theatre in the same cinema complex.

      OR if you're with a group of people that for some reason enjoy watching movies in 3D, or if the tickets were already purchased etc etc. Sometimes there's no other option!

    may I suggest these?

      Great idea. Now they just need to make 2D versions as well!

      they have those ones at HOYTS, in QLD, but cost $5 instead of the normal is it $1 for regular ones???

      people who wear glasses being punished again...

      i wear rayban style glasses, and they don't clip on too well either

    They're called 'O' rings in Australia. A tap washer wouldn't do the job...

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