Use Blogging To Protect Against Unemployment

Use Blogging To Protect Against Unemployment

Even when the job market is really tough, there’s a simple way you may be able to increase your marketability as a potential employee and help ensure you’ll get back on your feet quickly if you lose your job: blogging.

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Nick O’Neill writes on his blog that if you don’t have a skill in high demand, like software development, you can still stand out in the marketplace by developing an industry-focused blog. We’ve mentioned using blogging to get a job during a recession before, but O’Neill offers very specific advice for using your blog to get a job offer quickly: focus on covering a niche topic in depth (not a mishmash of general topics) and write at least four times a day. This will both increase your knowledge and get you started on building a valuable network.

This strategy helped me prepare for unemployment before; if you have a similar experience or use blogging to build your personal brand, let’s talk about it in the comments. (And for help getting started with your own blog, take a look at all our previous blogging resources and tips.)

The Secret Formula to Never Being Unemployed [Nick O’Neill]


  • I’d hazard a guess that the majority of your readers are working in an IT related field. There are already an unreadable amount of high quality IT related blogs. What chance is there that any blog you create will do anything other than disappear amongst the noise?
    Whilst searching for specific information I’ve sometimes been pointed at blogs which gave useful information though it is clear from the lack of comments on all posts that many have almost zero resonance with potential readers.

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