Use A Seam Ripper To De-Tangle Vacuum Cleaner Rollers

Use A Seam Ripper To De-Tangle Vacuum Cleaner Rollers

Even the best vacuum cleaners will eventually begin to get hair and stray strings and fibres wound around the roller at the bottom. When that happens, don’t reach for a knife or scissors. Grab a seam ripper (aka a quickunpick) instead; it’s the perfect size and shape for the job.

Real Simple reminds us that a seam ripper is the perfect size and has a small enough blade to pull up the strings and strands of hair that are likely caught around the bristles of your vacuum cleaner and cut them for easy removal. A few well-aimed snips and you’ll have a clean vacuum cleaner with brushes that actually work.

Granted, this tip works best if the roller in your vacuum isn’t easily removed for cleaning, but if you find yours isn’t as effective as it once was because the roller’s clogged with lint, give it a try.

Seam Ripper as Vacuum Roller Cleaner [Real Simple]


  • I usually go at mine with a Stanley knife (spouse and I both have very long hair which can stop the roller completely). This will be worth a try, though.

    • I came into the story to find out what the hell a Steam Ripper was, when i saw the photo the first words were “oh a quick un-pick” and i’m only a 29yo (and male at that), then i realized they called it a Seam ripper not Steam Ripper (i attribute that to waking up at 4:30 and not being able to sleep again so playing angry birds till 7.

  • Yep, I know it as a quick unpick too. I think seam ripper may be USAnian. Quick unpick is a more accurate description to me too as you’re unpicking the threads; seam ripper just sounds too destructive. If you want to *rip* the seams, just grab the fabric in two hands and pull hard!

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