Use A Damp Coffee Filter To Prevent Splatters In The Microwave

Coffee filters are versatile tools. They de-stink your shoes and clean your LCD screens. As points out, they also do wonders for containing messes in the microwave.Photo by Vanilla and Lace.

All you need is a damp-to-wet coffee filter placed over a bowl, plate or other dish:

Keep the microwave clean by covering food with coffee filters. It’s safer than using plastic wrap and keeps the splatters to a minimum. If I do get splatters, I put a wet filter in the microwave, turn it on for 15 seconds and then wipe the softened foodstuff off with the wet filter. Wait until the filter cools off a bit, first.

If some splatters manage to pass through your makeshift barrier, you can just use the filter to wipe them off.

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