Use A Damp Coffee Filter To Prevent Splatters In The Microwave

Coffee filters are versatile tools. They de-stink your shoes and clean your LCD screens. As points out, they also do wonders for containing messes in the microwave.Photo by Vanilla and Lace.

All you need is a damp-to-wet coffee filter placed over a bowl, plate or other dish:

Keep the microwave clean by covering food with coffee filters. It's safer than using plastic wrap and keeps the splatters to a minimum. If I do get splatters, I put a wet filter in the microwave, turn it on for 15 seconds and then wipe the softened foodstuff off with the wet filter. Wait until the filter cools off a bit, first.

If some splatters manage to pass through your makeshift barrier, you can just use the filter to wipe them off.

25 Alternate Uses for Coffee Filters [Free Shipping]


    Hmm, I keep a cheap $2.00 plastic microwave cover on hand much less dithering around and all you have to do is rinse it off after. Perfect for things like baked beans, that will splode all over the place and no coffee filter will solve that problem.#]

      I mostly use a saucer.

        Angus, I though you were rich mate, maybe you should ask for a raise and spend the two bucks! I promise you'll thank me afterwards, Heh heh... ;}

          No-one _ever_ gets rich being a journalist.

            Then you should definitely ask for the raise, tell'em you need a microwave cover, and then tell you'll quit if you don't get it! They'll back down, cos they can't afford to lose'ya.. ;]

    @EckyThump: Agreed - I mean that's what they're for right?

    @Angus: 'proper' microwave covers have ventilation holes etc. which prevents the saucer jiggling about and what-not as pressure builds up in the bowl.

      Good point. My two main microwave vessels are both jugs which means steam can escape through the pouring lip. As you note, wouldn't work so well on a bowl!

        Now that is a better tip - reheat in a jug not a bowl so pressure can escape via the spout. Great idea.

    i just use a sheet of kitchen towel, a dry one, works fine for beans etc

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