Update Your Facebook Status Via Google+, Extension-Free

Update Your Facebook Status Via Google+, Extension-Free

You like Google+, but it’s still very new and you’re not about to abandon Facebook. Lucky for you, there’s a simple, extension-free way to use Google+ to post your status updates and have them jump over to Facebook without any effort.

All you need to do is grab your Facebook mobile email address for posting, add it to its own circle, then include that circle whenever you post on Google+ and turn on notifications. This will cause notifications to be sent to the Facebook mobile email address and those updates will be posted to your Facebook account. For step-by-step instructions with pictures, check out the full instructions over at But Seriously.

How to Update Facebook From Google+ (Without Using an Extenstion) [But Seriously…]


  • @PU Your comment is jumpin the bandwagon I guess I could say. Personally, my intentions are not to get everyone to LEAVE Facebook and come to G+… If they want an invite to G+, then I will send them one. I say this, because Google+ is in BETA testing, and its not far enough into development or publicity to even SAY its as good as Facebook.. It has a ways to go to establish that, I believe. I do see Google adding some kind of extensions network to Google+. Not going to say it’s inside information, but I would keep an eye out for things to start adding up to something in that area. But this is a good post, I wish it could be done automatically, like how G+ has “Linked Accounts”… which just show’s your Youtube, AIM, etc profiles on your G+ profile. But integration, I believe, is coming for such things as having them all synced with updates, and liking things on FB and yahoo, etc, like how other networks have, theoretically. I’m just ready to see Facebook on that list, it’s not even on there to allow you to share your profile.

  • I’ve setup the Facebook posting via email, and it kinda works …but it doesnt include all of the Google+ update. Its only 17 words like (kinda short) and yet it only posted the first sentence, upto the first full stop, on Facebook.

    Any ideas?

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