Un-Stiffen Dried, Hard Chamois With Olive Oil

If you hate the way that your chamois becomes as stiff as a board after drying, there is a way to fix that. Rags, gloves or anything made from chamois—you can get them soft again with olive oil.

Photo by homyox.

Tipking details the process:

To renew an old piece of chamois leather, soak it for 10 minutes in a bucket of warm water to which you've added 1 teaspoon olive oil. It is important to stir the water every few minutes.

A few drops of olive oil added to the water you are washing or rinsing chamois in will keep them soft and flexible, even after they dry.

Olive oil Chamois softener [Tipking]


    I always keep the chamois from when i wash the car, soaking wet, never dries hard, and wouldn't olive oil be left on the chamois, for next time that you go to wash your car?

    New article: save olive oil by buying new chamois.

    I use a leather Chamois to clean all the glass on my car... First thing I do to a new chamois is wash the oil out ... lol
    Only takes a few seconds to soften it with water.

    What effect does olive oil have on window tint?

    I suppose on gloves, Chamois bikini's, loin cloths, etc it's probably a good idea...

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