Trusted Brands Often Seem To Be Dominant Brands

Trusted Brands Often Seem To Be Dominant Brands

A new study identifies Australia’s 10 most trusted consumer brands, and there’s only one technology company in the list (and no, it’s probably not the one you think). But the really noticeable thing? In many cases, the trusted brand is also the one which has the lion’s share of market visibility.

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There are two ways to interpret that finding, based on research commissioned by Reader’s Digest. Thinking positively, dominance by one product could reflect it performing its role so well that no-one needs to consider anything else. Thinking cynically, it could reflect the fact that no-one is aware there’s any other choices to consider because the brand in question hogs all the available oxygen and shelf-space.

That probably isn’t the case with Nokia, which at #7 is the only technology brand in the main list. Nokia often gets dismissed as a “granny phone” in geek circles, but clearly not everyone is ready to jump on the smartphone bandwagon just yet.

In the phone space, the other brands mentioned were Apple (no surprise) and Sony. Home entertainment boasts a similar list: Sony, Panasonic and Apple.

I suspect that dominance leading to trust is very much the case with Colgate. Go into a supermarket and count the number of different Colgate brands available (dozens), and then compare how many non-Colgate options there are (just a handful). I personally favour non-Colgate toothpaste for a really dull pragmatic reason. As a frequent traveller, I prefer toothpastes with a separate cap rather than with a built-in cap (the Colgate default), since the latter is more likely to pop off and cause a mess if the tube gets squashed in transit. Getting alternatives isn’t impossible, but it is very difficult.

Here’s the full top 10 list.

  1. Colgate
  2. Dettol
  3. Cadbury
  4. Panadol
  5. Band-Aid
  6. Pine O’Cleen
  7. Nokia
  8. Gilette
  9. Dairy Farmers
  10. Peters

Colgate: Australia’s most trusted brand [Mumbrella]


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