TravelSIM Reduces Data Rates For European Roaming

TravelSIM Reduces Data Rates For European Roaming

Getting cheap rates for mobile phone data in Europe is often tricky, so any drop in costs is welcome. Roaming provider TravelSIM has reduced its data rates in 33 European countries from $US3.60/MB to $US1/MB, making it a little cheaper to post those crucial Facebook updates.

Like many a mobile data service, the rate is charged in 10KB increments. That’s still not a particularly cheap way to get data access (and you’ll want to latch onto free Wi-Fi whenever you can), but it beats what your provider is likely to charge. For reference, here are the countries which the deal covers:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City

No Lichtenstein, but I guess you can’t have everything.



  • It is still 100 times too expensive. The market will never take off for anything other than Blackberry users (who are a dying breed) until the data rates are as competitive as buying SIM cards locally.

  • I used this service for PHONE/SMS calls only on recent trip in Europe – it was workable and cheap. Data is still a disaster however tho its good to see there is a sort of a solution being offered by the Company now despite its relative expense. The alternatives are Telstra ‘roaming’ which is the most outrageous ripoff I have ever seen eg $7 to download the header of an email! OR you can have the pleasure of buying a SIM for every country you visit – try that if you have loads of time a local bankaccount in many countries etc OR you can creep around and find free wifi which is rapidly diminishing in availability. In many Starbucks and Macs you now need to buy an item to get the password to log on (and the code to get into bathroom in Portugal)and downloads are very slow. Most ‘wifi available hotels’ just give you a link to local ‘Telstra’ who charges about $10/half day which is not a bad option even if outrageous in reality – its all relative….

    PS if you get a Travel SIM and you have an iPhone make sure you get a MINI SIM as what the post office usually stocks are NOT minisims ie they won’t fit in your iPHONE – worse still its NOT marked on the pack when you buy it over the counter so check before you leave

  • I had trouble with the TravelSIM service when I was in Europe. First problem was I intended to divert my MyNetFone number to this service, so family could call cheap, but the mobile number for the service is an Estonian Mobile number and is on the blocked countries list. Not sure which other telcos block Estonian numbers.

    Second issue I had was that if you want to send SMS, you have to have an account balance over $5. The minumum recharge was something like $30. Hardly worth it when I’d paid $50 for the starter pack.

    Found putting my Telstra SIM back in and roaming was the better option for talk and text. Used less than $15 in charges.

    But for data I wouldn’t recommend either.

    If I had time to stuff around and wait for delivery I think I would have got an Irish vodafone pre-paid with and roamed.

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