Travel Is No Excuse For Not Fitting In An Exercise Routine

Travel Is No Excuse For Not Fitting In An Exercise Routine

Being on the road is a common excuse for not sticking with an exercise plan — I know it’s one I use all the time. However, with a little creative thinking you should be able to manage that integration, as the cast of the TV series Glee demonstrates.

Our sibling site PopSugar interviewed Glee star Harry Shum Jr during his recent visit to Australia. Amongst the topics he covered was how the cast managed to maintain their fitness regimes while on the recent Glee cast concert tour:

It’s funny because Chord [Overstreet] , Mark [Salling]and I would always be jet-lagged and be sleeping before we got to the venues, so we wouldn’t have time to work out. So our workout time is literally when the concert’s going on — in between the numbers we’d have weights and bars, and we’re helping each other do crunches. It’s like a whole workout scene, sometimes to the point where we’re almost late for numbers because we’re so into the workout.

Not every job lets you switch between your essential tasks and exercising, but it’s a reminder that brief bursts of exercise can be fitted in between other activities. The other key for Shum is using his iPhone 4 to ensure he maintains a full to-do list:

I like more lifestyle apps, like I have my to-do list, the apps that keep me going, you know, the ones that help me function as a human being.

Hit the link to read the full interview, and tell us your best tricks to fit exercise into your routine in the comments.

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