Tiger Airways Stops Selling Tickets Online

In our analysis yesterday of whether Tiger flights were invariably cheaper, we noted that Tiger was still selling tickets despite being suspended until July 9. That has now changed, with the troubled airline stopping sales via its web site.

While you can still search for flight details, the resulting list doesn't include any prices, and if you attempt to continue to a purchase screen, you get dumped on an unrelated page. In a statement on its site, Tiger says flights have been "temporarily" removed from sale, with no further information expected until Thursday.


    What are the best ways to get your money back?

    I believe Tiger are auto-refunding tickets (on the day of the flight?) - back to whatever payment method you used to pay them.

    When I requested a refund on the phone a couple days ago, I was quoted 4-6 weeks. Abysmal... why on earth does it take so long to refund a couple hundred bucks?

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