The Twimbow Web App Colour Codes Your Twitter Stream

If you’re the kind of person who uses colour labels for organisation or are just very visually oriented, Twimbow may be the perfect Twitter client for you. The free web app looks like TweetDeck but adds colour labels, filtering and other interesting features.

The constant deluge of tweets makes it hard sometimes to keep up with what’s happening and who’s interacting with you on Twitter. Twimbow, which recently came out of private beta, tries to solve that by adding default colour-coding to your main Twitter activities (your tweets are in blue, replies to you in green, direct messages in yellow or orange, etc).

For your main Twitter stream, the people you follow, you can add customisable labels such as “Friends” or “Tech Blogs” and colour them as you see fit. Twimbow doesn’t give you just a handful of colours to choose from – you can use the colour picker or enter RGB values or hexidecimal values to really fine-tune your colour labelling.

Twimbow also offers a filtering feature to remove tweets that contain specific words, supports a few keyboard shortcuts, and has a few styling options (if you don’t like the dark grey option, for example, you can switch to a light background).

If you’d like to see the Twitterverse custom coloured, check out the free app below.



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