The Transformer Bed Workspace

Reader William Robinette wasn’t satisfied with his desk options, so he hacked his IKEA bed to pieces, picked up some extra wood, and made himself a desk. Audio controls are embedded. It has built-in speaker stands. This is precisely the kind of result that makes DIY options so awesome.

William explains his process:

I had an Ikea loft bed for ages and cut the bed part down to normal waist hight and then was left with the bottom legs/cross-braces . A trip to Lowes and about $US100 got me a nice piece of 4’x8′ birch plywood, some 1″x4″ pieces of whitewood, screws, and some stain. After a day with a jigsaw, circular saw, drill, and sander I had a platform that provides a lot of work surface area, has an audio mixer and audio outboard built in and keeps all the cables hidden from view. If people are looking for a workspace I would always suggest trying to build your own. You get exactly what you want for a small sum of money, and a fun project to work on!

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