The Rush Hour Desktop

Flickr user joergermeister is no stranger to customising his Windows desktop, but this one caught our eye. The wallpaper reminds us how happy we are to not be in the car, but the widgets across the desktop provide helpful information and quick access to photos and weather.

While joergermeister chose to showcase photos, you could just as easily use the widgets for other useful information, like calendar appointments and new messages. Here's what you'll need to get the same look:

Pimp My Desktop Part 8 [Flickr]


    Permission denied on the wallpaper :(

    wallpaper at

    Permission denied on the wallpaper, bummer :(

      I got it by right click>save link on the link Peter posted. It's my work wallpaper now.

    Yeah same, link above is broken... however, I looked up 17426_tilt_shift.jpg in google and went to the third link:

    works... (at present!) :)

    Sorry pasted wrong link, should be:

    Then click on the image to get full size version

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