The Quick Access Home Screen

The Quick Access Home Screen

Reader Stuart Cooper takes full advantage of Android’s home screen shortcuts with bookmarks, contact cards and widgets galore in today’s featured home screen.

Stuart explains his setup:

Here the one I’m currently using on my Motorola Defy.

The organisation is pretty straight forward – Main screen is minimalist, just clock weather, calendar, and a notepad – The information I want at a glance, or stuff I need to keep in mind.

Swipe left from the main screen and you get to my most used programs and bookmarks. Swipe right from the main screen and you get my texts and most frequent contacts. Power toggles are in the notification drop down.

He’s running a rooted phone with the following tools to help him out:

  • The CyanogenMod 7 custom ROM
  • LauncherPro Plus, with Minimalistic Text for the dock icons
  • Custom battery, Wi-Fi, and signal notifications from the Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen
  • Standard CyanogenMod Music controls on the left lock screen, with the lock bars disabled with CyanogenMod’s gesture unlocking (available in Settings).
  • Custom clock font using TypeFresh
  • The LauncherPro Plus Bookmarks widget, with the Minimal White skin and the Iphonius icon skin
  • Beautiful Widgets for the clock and weather widget, using the “Smokey” theme
  • The Smooth Calendar widget for the Calendar in the center
  • The Simple Notepad widget for notes on the centre screen
  • The LauncherPro Messages widget with the Minimal White skin
  • Contact shortcuts are just standard contact shortcuts from long-pressing the home screen and going to Shortcuts > Direct Dial
  • The “Flow” wallpaper, which comes with the Droid X but is available here.


  • I reckon this is actually arguably one of the best looking Android home screen set ups, whilst still retaining functionality that LifeHacker has put up.

    I’ve seen quite a few (both here, on XDA, and the CyanogenMod forums) that seem to depend on stripping the desktop of as many icons as possible, and throwing in a few widgets sparingly, with a slick wallpaper. I personally this defeats the purpose if you have to open the app drawer all the time to launch apps; to me the centre home screen is there to access your most used functions quickly – not to just look at and admire.

  • He’s also using Llama for location profiles (as shown by the llama on the notification bar),which is an awesome app available on the market. Low battery and data usage, as it “learns” which mobile towers correspond with your location

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