The Minimalist, Text-Only Home Screen

Reader Rob Higareda shares his home screen with us today, featuring a sparse, almost icon-free interface with just a little bit of text.

This is my setup with CyanogenMod 7, the MattedBlues Theme, and using Go Launcher EX for a home replacement. I like to have as little on screen as I can get by with.

Minimalistic Text and Desktop Visualizer on the home screen along with Missed It give me a quick look and access to things without needing to unlock the phone.

Each Minimalistic text widget is a shortcut for an application. So the Date and Time open the Calendar when you click on it, the Weather opens BasicWeather, Obvious GMAIL and 4SQUARE open those two apps.

The dock at the bottom is empty on my home screen but swype gestures allow me to open the Dialer/K-9 Email/Dolphin Browser Mini/GoSMS Pro and Friendcaster by swyping up. The dock also has three sets to it so I can slide it right or left and get more applications easily accessible.


    Anyone have idea what lock screen he's using?

    Nice... Ever thought of having a forum for this kind of business? Do we just email you with our screens and a write with some hope it will get shown?

      There is a forum for this kinda thing - its called XDA Developers :P

      Seriously though, this ones trickled down from US LifeHacker by the looks of it, but yeah pretty much - if you wanna be featured, just email it in.

    Sounds like he shouldda got the Windows phone if he didn't want to show off apps etc.

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