The Glowing Audio Workstation

Today's featured workspace comes from reader bcarpenterfh, who created a beautiful glowing desk for his home office. It's pretty much all there is to the space, but sometimes all you need is one really great piece of furniture. So how was it made? Bcarpenterfh explains:

It was all pretty straight forward. I first designed it on SketchUp, knowing the wood size and thickness I'd be using. The main tools used were a miter saw, cordless drill, nail gun, and palm sander. Each piece is glued and screwed/nailed together. Cutting and assembly is the easy part. The sanding was tedious. I wanted to keep the natural look of the wood, as I think its beautiful. I sanded up to 220, then applied 2 coats of a flat polyurethane clear coat (no stain). The glass was ordered from a local glass shop, and I got the lights from a dealer in China.

Obviously there's a lot of skill and ambition involved with something like this, but if you want a really cool desk and a great (probably multiple) weekend project you might want to consider following in bcarpenterfh's footsteps.

Bcarpenterfhl's Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    That's the coolest I've seen in a while. Nice work.

    What are those speakers? I have to have some o' them.

    And where did you hide the amps?

      They look like KRK Rokit 5's. They are powered monitors, so, self enclosed amps.

        They are indeed KRK's. They are actually reference monitors to be technical, but work great as everyday speakers as well. Only around $600 a pair too

    Oh, and love the side table - nice use of a shipping pallette!

    Yep they are KRK Rokit 6's
    I got a pair myself.

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