The 'Don't Panic' Home Screen

Today, reader Crashedjava shows us how he took simplicity and ease of use to the max when he turns his Android home screen into a plain-text, multicolored Windows Phone clone.

This elegant look comes with the help of a few apps available on the Market:

You'll also need Tasker to get Widget Locker working with Minimalistic Text:

In order unlock Widget Locker with Minimalistic Text you must use a Tasker action and enable it in the Minimalistic Text Donate version. Eventually, the donation version won't be a requirement.


    ahh windows phone - everyone wants one :)

      Really ;p

    this looks great. i really want a w7 phone. i tried hacking my iphone to look like a w7 phone because i really like the gui, but it wasn't as good, unless you have an iphone 4 and then there is a hack that is meant to work well (but fails on a 3gs)

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