The Colourfully Lit And Well-Stocked Workspace

The Colourfully Lit And Well-Stocked Workspace

This compact workspace looks like a serene place to work, with the pleasant mood lighting and glowing ambiance from the fish tank and very handy fridge.

Declan Jewell manages to create a very clean and attractive workspace — using IKEA LED light strips and smart cable management — in a small footprint. Plus, did we mention there’s a fridge within arm’s reach? You can see more photos of his office space in the Flickr photo set below.

New Room [Flickr]


  • Christ almighty it annoys me seeing 5.1 setups with all the speakers in front. If you’re going to have your speakers like that, go for a better 2.1 system.

  • He doesnt really have much leg room to the sides there in between the fridge and the sub. Im guessing this may stop him pulling the chair all the way in as well.

    Its an ok set up if you’re spending an hour or two at your desk each night, but any longer and its going to get messy, there isnt much storage space. Not much area to rest your arm either while you’re using the mouse.

    I give it 4/10. but about 7/10 for the cool lighting.

  • I agree, it’s always frustrating seeing someone fork out the extra money for the 5.1 only to place them all side by side in front of them rather than creating a surround environment. Also they are so close together there would be a shocking sweet spot for them. The z2300 would be so much more practical.

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