Telstra Ultimate Hotspot On Sale From Today

Our recent cross-country testing suggests that there's no real performance benefit from using it, but if you're tempted nonetheless, the Telstra Ultimate Wi-Fi Hotspot goes on sale through Telstra stores and on its site today.

The Ultimate became available to business customers back in June, but is now on offer through Telstra's consumer retail channels. You'll pay $299 for an outright purchase, or $49 if you sign up to one of Telstra's 24-month contracts. You can compare some of the other available options in our Planhacker guide to prepaid wi-fi hotspots.



    Shorter battery life than the elite, plus early reviews say it gets quite hot when being used...

      It definitely does run very hot -- but so does the Elite.

    Different vendors too, Elite was done by Sierra this is ZTE. I'm not a fan of ZTE hardware personally.

    This is the Sierra 753S.
    It is not by ZTE.

      my mistake, must have been the other way round, which suprises me as Sierra usually have pretty solid hardware.

    Love the site Angus. Been running an Elite for a couple of months now. It maybe a newer version or different make, but I wouldn't say it runs hot. Leave it on all day and it's warm to touch but not painfully so. Performance is great otherwise

    I have a Turbo 21 (from Sierra) which constantly drops out and is hard to reconnect. (And runs very hot). Any dropping out problems with the Ultimate? What about out of city coverage?

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