Telstra Selling Samsung Galaxy S II From July 26

Telstra Selling Samsung Galaxy S II From July 26

There have been a bunch of delays, but Telstra will finally start selling the Samsung Galaxy S II — one of the more anticipated releases in this year’s crop of Android phones — from July 26.

Full pricing details haven’t been disclosed, but if you sign up for a 24-month contract on the $59 Freedom Connect plan, you’ll pay an extra $20 a month for the handset (grand total $1896). Of course, unofficial imports have been available for quite a while. Tempted by the official launch?



  • Does any one actually know the difference between this and the vibrant? I mean apart from the obvious lack of branding.

    If the differences aren’t that great I will just stick with my import, as to be honest its a pretty nice phone any way and at $300 six months ago the price wasn’t bad either.

      • Clearly next time I need to add the phrase “Some one that actualy knows what they are talking about” to the start of my question.

        After digging deeper the only real noticable difference is that one has a different GPS chip (which results in the vibrant not having an FM radio) and unbranded firmware.

  • Consumer customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on Telstra’s Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $59 Freedom® Connect Plan with a mobile repayment option of $20 per month, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers), for 24 months (min cost is $1,896). This plan includes $550 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and 1.5GB of data to use in Australia each month.

    Business customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on a $79 Business Mobile Maximiser plan with a $15 phone payment per month over 24 months (min cost is $ 2,256 over 24 months). This plan includes $800 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and MessageBank® and 2GB of data to use in Australia each month.

    It can also be purchased outright for RRP $840

  • hmmm… you don’t have to stuff around with unofficial imports, Virgin Mobile have been offering the galaxy s 2 since around mid-late June. I ordered mine earlier in the month and have had it for just over a week. I believe it is also widely available from other providers too. If there ever was an “offical launch” of the galaxy s2 in Australia, Telstra missed it!

  • Stuffing around with imports? What stuffing around? I ordered mine from expansys on Wednesday last week, and feed delivered it to my door on Monday.

    All told, it cost me under $700 for the phone, a leather case and courier delivery.

    Im not sure what stuffing around you’re referring to.

  • I only had my Galaxy S2 a month; sent it back and got a replacement, the replacement failed the exact same way. Have since cancelled the plan.

    The phone was crashing and restarting when just playing music in the in-built music player with nothing else running (thankyou Task Manager), WiFi tethering works fine for a while but then data drops out and while the WiFi connection is still active, no data passes through it. Open the Internet browser on the phone and 3G works fine. Had to turn the phone completely off then back on to get it going again.

    I know it seems like I got a dud phone, but the exact same faults happened in two phones. I got the new one when I handed the other one over, so I know it was a new phone.

    I’m sure it’s a great phone and all, but it needs to learn to turn WiFi off when the screen is off (instead of using ~30% battery in a few hours in my pocket looking for base stations), and needs to more rapidly drop the CPU from 1.2Ghz to 200Mhz.

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