Tax Refunds: Average Refund $2458, Processing Looking Challenged

Tax Refunds: Average Refund $2458, Processing Looking Challenged

The Australian Taxation Office has a stated goal of processing 94% of electronically submitted returns within 14 days of receipt. While it has issued one billion dollars in total refunds for the 2010-2011 , it might still have trouble reaching that goal.

When we last checked the figures on Monday, the average refund for 2010-2011 returns was above $3000. In its latest update, the ATO says it has received almost 1.3 million returns (with almost half of those through e-tax), has finalised 460,000, and has issued 419,000 of them. The total value of refunds issues is $1.03 billion, which gives an average refund of around $2458.

The bigger challenge for the ATO is that on these figures, it has only processed just over a third of the returns submitted. While a large chunk of those (739,000) came in over the last week and thus haven’t hit the 14-day limit, the ATO will need to work hard to get those knocked over and meet its 94% goal.

With that said, it anticipates an additional half a billion dollars in refunds over the next two days. However, as that figure includes both 2010-2011 and older returns, that in itself doesn’t guarantee the targets will be met. We’ll keep you posted as new data comes to hand.



  • I’m one of those who submit their tax return in the last week (and via eTax). In my case, my estimated refund is around the $1500 mark. Eagerly awaiting that one to come back!

    • Neither was I. I thought for sure I was going to be whacked with a tax bill (was unemployed for the first 4 months of last financial year, and didn’t pay a cent of tax on my taxable centrelink payment).

      • But then the next 8 months you would have been taxed as if you’re earning that much for the whole year. So between the tax free threshold and progressive rates, I would have expected you to get a good refund.

        Same happened to me last year when I was travelling and only doing some casual work for part of the year, before going back to work.

        • This is true – however I was only paying tax for 8 out of the 12 months.

          The other benefit of it was that my week-on-week tax was calculated on the assumption of me earning ~$42k, Where as I only clocked in at about ~$24k; putting me in a much lower tax bracket.

          In either case, I’m looking forward to a new couch, and a new TV 😀

  • Did my tax via H&R Block around the 8th. Got an email from them on the 10th saying it’s been accepted and processed by the ATO.

    Got my assessment yesterday, now the waiting game.

    I need it ASAP, I need to renew my license, fix my tail lights, get my pink slip, green slip and rego all before the 30th, or no getting to work for me.

    Joyfull times.

  • I got $550.00 back. Money I didn’t have before, super happy.
    Working for the tax office, I can’t stress enough how easy eTax is if you take the time to sit down and nut it out. Especially if you have really simple tax affairs, if you’re stuck on a question, call through to the ATO.
    Better to spend a few hours on the computer, then shell out nearly $150 for some place that basically does the same thing and gets it back within the same time frame.

  • I am expecting around the $1400 mark. Submitted my return a week ago on the 21st and still no sign of my assessment or payment, whats the payment times been like for everyone else this year?

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