Swapdeals Lets You Trade Unwanted Group Deals

So you've foolishly lashed out on a spa deal coupon and then realised there's no way you're trekking into bland suburbia to fulfil it. Swapdeals lets you list it for a possible trade or sale to other bargain hunters.

You can elect to swap your deal for another of similar value, or offer a cash price. You're unlikely to make a sale if you ask for more than what you originally paid, and I suspect you'll do better if you ask for a little less.

The main caveat is to be sure that the deal site you've purchased your original deal from allows deals to be passed on to others. (Many do, since buying experiences as a gift isn't uncommon.) Right now there's not a lot of volume on the site, but to be fair it has only just launched.

Swapdeals is free to use, requires registration. If you've tried it out, tell us about it in the comments.

Swapdeals [via Mumbrella]


    A great concept. I've seen a few friends purchase group buying deals that they really didn't intend to use. This might be a very useful site.

    The fad of these group/coupon sites is coming to an end.

    Thanks Daily Deals!

    spread the word for us @swapdeals.com.au...

    we need your support!!

    we only launched last week, so fairly new and any recommendations would be great! also, check our facebook page at www.facebook.com/swapdeals.com.au

    Similar concept at

    Why not? there are millions of deals website, there will be thousands deal resell website!

    Yea, I've got about $500 worth of unused vouchers I need to sell.

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