Surplus For Chrome Puts Google+ Everywhere You Browse

Chrome: If you're a Google+ user and want access to notifications and the ability to post or respond to your circles without having to switch to a Google site, this Surplus extension will do the trick.

From the extension dropdown, you can view recent notifications and add people from those notifications to your circles. There's also a sharing button for creating a new post, complete with photo, video, and link inserts (unfortunately, though, the extension doesn't pull the URL from your current tab). If you'd like to post to your Google+ circles from anywhere on the web, Surplus is a handy extension.

Surplus [Chrome Web Store]


    "(unfortunately, though, the extension doesn’t pull the URL from your current tab)"
    Version 3 just came out with support for this <3

    This thing has been broken from the start.

    Did this on all versions for me in Chrome. I run all my other extensions just fine.

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