Store Your Dirty Clothes In A Pillowcase When Traveling For Easy Laundry When You Return

Whether you pack your luggage as efficiently as a flight attendant or not, chances are the clothes you take are at least clean. That much can't always be said for the trip home, however, and you probably want to separate your soiled garments from the rest of your stuff. Many people will use a plastic bag, but green living blog Re-Nest suggests using a pillowcase. Here's why.

Using a plastic bag has two problems: it's probably going to get thrown out when you're finished with it and it isn't machine washable. A pillowcase is, however, so it affords you not only an eco-friendly solution, but one that actually saves you a little effort as well. When you're back from vacation, just toss the pillowcase of dirty clothes into the washing machine and run it.

Oz editor note: I like using a cloth bag for laundry storage on the road, but I'd definitely empty the pillowcase before washing everything — if you leave everything in, you'll get a less effective wash.

10 Uses for Pillowcases [Re-Nest


    The trouble with using a pillowcase is that it gives you a big lump that might leave you with an unevenly packed bag or case.

    If I'm not getting wet/dirty I simply turn clothes inside out when I'm not going to wear them again and a (zippered mesh) lingerie washing bag to hold underwear and socks separate from the clean stuff. This combination makes it easy to find something clean to wear while keeping my bags balanced throughout my trip.

    But think about the "smell" factor. No pillowcase will hold in socks and jocks odour. Plastic bags work better here.

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