Stay Productive By Setting A Recurring ‘Accountability Alarm’

Stay Productive By Setting A Recurring ‘Accountability Alarm’

We all have those days where we just seem to zone out and can’t get anything done. Weblog Unclutterer recommends keeping yourself productive by setting a repeating alarm throughout the day to keep you on track.

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There are a number of different ways you can constantly keep yourself accountable, but the simplest is just setting a recurring alarm on your clock or phone:

Set an alarm for 10 minutes, and keep hitting snooze. When the alarm sounds, make a mental note of all the work you completed and then hit snooze. Do the same thing when the alarm sounds again in 10 minutes. The alarm helps to keep you on track when you mind is eager to wander elsewhere.

It sounds annoying, but on those days where you can’t seem to keep from dragging your feet, it could be a really easy way to keep yourself on top of your work. Check out Unclutterer’s article for more similar tricks, from using time tracking software to competing with your coworkers to see who can get the most work done.

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  • Shades of Pomodoro or David Seahs 15 minute time trackers. It’s all well and good to have a 10 minute timer but either plan ahead or record what happened so you can see how productive you’ve been. Records also help when you have to report your time use to your boss.

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