Status-4-Evar Brings Back The Progress Bar

Status-4-Evar Brings Back The Progress Bar

Firefox: In one version of the Firefox 4 beta, you were able to hover over a link and see the URL of that link in the location bar. There was also a progress bar to show how far along a page had loaded. Both features were removed, but Status-4-Evar brings them back.

Status-4-Evar allows you to choose whether linked URLs display in the location bar, the toolbar at the bottom of window, or in a pop-up display. You also can add a progress bar so you don’t have to rely on the spinner in each tab to tell you when a page is loaded.

You also get control over how downloads are shown and the colour or style of the progress indicator. We’ve mentioned Status-4-Evar in passing before, but the latest updates to the add-on give you more control than ever. It’s free, and works anywhere Firefox does.

Status-4-Evar [Mozilla Add-Ons]

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