Split The Rent Tweaks Site For Australian House Sharers

Sharing a house and need an easy way to work out everyone's share of the rent, power and other bills? Rental calculator site Split The Rent has revamped itself and launched a site better suited to helping Australian renters stop the squabbling.

We covered the original version of Split The Rent back in February. While it's a helpful site, the original version had a US-centric vision of the world, with rents assumed to be monthly and dates in American formats. The new local site offers weekly and fortnightly rent options, and defaults to the more familiar dd/mm/yy format. (That happened in part because the site's founder moved to Melbourne.)

The site has also tweaked some of its other options, including the ability to add recurring bills and a furniture calculator to work out how much a shared piece of furniture is worth after you've all been using it for a few years. Split The Rent is free to use.

Split The Rent


    Can it make the other person do the dishes, buy toilet paper and not steal food?

      Thumbs up! :) Lifehacker really needs to add a 'like' or +1 button to their forum posts.

        ...Erm there is a Facebook like button - top right of the article...

    Heh, I should run through this and issue it to my wife just to see what reaction I get :P

      Test the comfort of your couch first! ;)

    I'm in Australia and it still forces me to use the MM/DD/YYYY format. Settings are 'English (Australia).

    Many have been led to believe that the only way in which one can purchase property is by getting a loan from a bank, which has its downside of high interest and costing extra hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest over 30 years, etc. In the old days (Actually not quite that long ago) farms were all bought and sold using Vendor Finance terms (rent to buy), in fact, farms are still being sold in this manner throughout Australia.

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