Soften The Fck Up Encourages Men To Share Their Feelings

Soften The Fck Up Encourages Men To Share Their Feelings

Remaining silent about your feelings and suffering without complaint is often presented as a macho Aussie ideal, but in reality that’s a terrible idea for your mental health. The Soften The Fck Up campaign site aims to reduce the incidence of suicide — the leading cause of death for young males in this country — by encouraging men to acknowledge their softer side and discuss their feelings.

The video above outlines the basic aim neatly. (As you might deduce from the title, the clip is mildly NSFW in language terms.) The site also encourages men to submit their own stories and share them with others, and includes fact sheets for dealing with common challenges and links to useful online resources. Nice one.

Soften The Fck Up


  • It’d just be nice if many of the men wanting to let out their feelings weren’t told by some *women* to ‘man up’!

    Seriously. I’m sure you’ve seen it, it happens more than people admit.

  • But what if I like the taste of figurative cement in my figurative coffee?

    And another thing: most of the guys in the video look pretty “soft” already, with only two harder types shown (the big mahn and the Kanye West jaw dude). Way to appeal to the blokey blokes! They couldn’t get more hard men to appear on camera, encouraging their mates to open up and be more of a pussy? I’m not surprised. And therein, lies the rub.

    TL;DR: Good fucking luck. 🙂

  • And for all these years i’ve been telling people to harden the fuck up, whilst wearing the chopper shirt that says so. Damn it.

    But in all seriousness, i’m glad I have a friend whom I can talk to about whatever. She’s really supportive too.

  • It seems that so many guys are extremely open to talking about their issues to a female, all because the feminine companion makes it seem like less of an issue to share. It’s frustrating though because woman and men think differently, so one sex sharing their issues to the other sex would most likely result in differences of opinion and chains of thought.

    I’m often told that I should be ‘supportive to my mates’, I already see myself as an open guy so I’m eager to support, but whenever my mates are feeling down, they either search for a girl to talk to and if that fails, they claim they have no one to talk to about their issues.

    I don’t understand the entire idea of having to be macho macho all the time between guys. It doesn’t mean they have to be girly, it just means they don’t have to be utterly tough all the time.

  • If there’s one kind of person in the world I don’t like, it’s a “tough” guy. I don’t know why, but I just find pretty much everything about them unpleasant.

    I welcome this.

  • My wife and I are currently seeing a marriage councellor and my not opening up is one of her complaints. I find it difficult to talk about how I feel because I just don’t know. I think being told to be macho from a young age leaves many men without the tools and vocabulary to discuss feelings. It’s not that we don’t want to, we simply don’t know how. Targeting the modern male with these messages is likely to be counter productive as it will just add another strain. In addition to be being manly, we’re now telling men that if they don’t learn to talk about their feelings they’re failing at that too. I’d suggest the advertising dollars would be better spent targeting parents of boys, encouraging them to teach them the tools from a young age so the next generation is better equipped.

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