Soak Dried Beans For 24 Hours To Avoid Excess Gas

Most people soak dried beans for a while to soften them up before cooking them, but over at The Kitchn there's a useful tip for those who want to minimise the digestive difficulty many people have with them. Soak them in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking.

Photo by Lisa Brank.

The discovery was completely accidental, and the tip anecdotal, but if you love beans but don't appreciate the... after-effects, giving them a good 24-hour soak before cooking may make a world of difference. Beans are great for you, but how to you avoid the side-effects? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Why I Soak Dried Beans for 24 Hours [The Kitchn]


    everyone knows this, chumps...

    Additionally, after soaking, rinse them. Then par-cook the beans in fresh water and rinse them again before adding them to whatever you want them in.

    Your photo also seems to be of chickpeas, which by and large, shouldn't be soaked beforehand.

    Soak them with a teaspoon of baking soda and use the same water of the soak to cook them.

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