Snap Send Solve Council App Now Available On Android

Snap Send Solve Council App Now Available On Android

We featured the Snap Send Solve app for iPhone a fair while back. Now there’s an Android version with the same feature set: automatically letting you send information about issues and things that should be fixed to your local council.

Like the iOS version, the Android app lets you optionally attach a photo, and works out which council to contact by using the phone’s GPS data. It isn’t the first Android app to play in this space, as rival Neat Streets has been around since early 2010. Neat Streets claims a user base just over 2,000 on its site, while Snap Send Solve says it has 20,000 users.

Snap Send Solve is a free app for Android (and iPhone users), and only works in Australia.

Snap Send Solve


  • Great idea, however I tried using the iPhone app version several times with Warringah Council (Northern Beaches, Sydney) only to later discover that all the submissions were being trapped by spam filters and never seen by the Council.

    Great app, but unless the spam thing is systematically addressed, sadly, its purpose has been defeated…

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll get in contact with Warringah Council to see if we can make sure that Snap Send Solve email isn’t marked as Spam.
      But yes, it’s an issue and we’re working with councils to better integrate Snap Send Solve into their CRM systems.
      Danny (Snap Send Solve)

    • This isn’t really a snap send solve issue is it? Its more of a Council having a over the top spam trap!

      This app is great, but only works if the Council wants to play ball and do its part with the reported issues. They can just ignore the emails and go about what they normally do.

  • Okay, I’ve now used both NeatStreets and SnapSendSolve. Here’s an objective basic comparison:

    – clunky interface with too many screens
    – they assess the issue and captured info before submitting to council (good for the council to avoid spam issues SD mentioned above)
    – issues get maintained with a status
    – not enough issue categories
    – store your reports on their server and synch with list on your phone
    – plot the report on a map along with others

    – clean, fast, simple to use interface
    – plenty of issue categories
    – no report assessment, synching or status tracking (seem to just disappear into a black hole)
    – no plotting on a map
    – bugs with reports marked as emailed when they’re not, and duplicated reports if the user returns to the home screen

    I don’t think either of them are there yet, but I’ve got to say I like seeing the other reports in my area.

  • As a Council worker I dread this hahaha, means we might have to work for a change.

    But seriously, half of the time attending to complaints is finding what is actually complained about. This solves a big time waste issue for me, but in the same instance this may mean Councils will find they are unstaffed if the complaints are submitted with such ease.

    Integration with CRMS is vital!
    How is this achieved?

  • I and my neighbours have found that our council (City of Sydney) have a “low care factor” towards reports we have all filed with SnapSendSolve and the like. Most reports seem to be ignored, and we only get results if we follow them up on the phone and keep hassling them with calls. This is not a fault of the apps, but rather the council (who, incidentally, have their own online reporting form on their website, which also get ignored).

    I think apps like SnapSendSolve and NeatStreets are great, and really motivate residents to take notice of problems they encounter in their neighbourhood; but without the full support of the respective council, these apps sadly don’t do much towards getting results.

    My advice is to submit a report, then CALL the respective council the following day to ask what they are doing to action it.

  • I am interested in more information on this application. Are Queensland Councils using it?
    Is Gladstone Regional Council using it?
    How do you promote this to your community? Is there a cost involved?

  • We too are having issues with the emails not coming through. If an email is sent from my gmail account it reaches Council no problems, via the app it is not. To my way of thinking it is a spam issue, but I’m certain its not our spam filters that have blocked it. Is it possible that the blacklists are marking the “Report from Snap Send Solve” subject heading?

    • Just an update on the issue we had, which has been resolved. It turns out there was an obscure mail rule on our server that was sending emails with the subject heading “Report from Snap Send Solve” to a journal. Now that has been identified and removed the app works well. I must say Danny’s patience and assistance is an absolute credit to the company as it was a long time resolving this due to nothing showing up in our email tracking to even say the email had hit our server. Thanks Danny and Outware!

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