Scoopon To Sell Melbourne-Phuket Return Flight For $599 Today

Scoopon To Sell Melbourne-Phuket Return Flight For $599 Today

We normally ignore individual group deals here at Lifehacker, because cheap restaurants and spas aren’t really our focus. But this one might presage a new way of getting cheap flights: Scoopon will be offering a return Melbourne-Phuket flight on Strategic Airlines for $599 from midday today.

Picture by Rui Fernandes

The standard return fare on Strategic is around $1200, so that’s a substantial saving. You don’t have to nominate your travel date when buying, but you do need to use it within 12 months. According to the press release announcing the deal, the fare can be used on any date between 26 July and September 15 or October 25 to 18 December this year, and between 2 February and 25 March and 20 April and 31 May 2012. That excludes the major school holiday periods, so it won’t suit everyone, but for anyone with a little flexibility, it might be worth considering.

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  • I would carefully read all the bad feedback about Scoopon before buying that coupon…
    Google will find you more…But…
    For example:
    Is probably a sampler. I suspect only
    people who publicly complain get their
    money refunded.

    I would suggest not buying anything you might need to rely on from these kind of sites…
    In this example imagine buying your coupon and booking some flights and accommodation.
    Then getting bumped or refused flight because they don’t accept Scoopons anymore. Your holiday and all those bookings gone to waste.

    At least for the time they burned me, I basically lost nothing but my time chasing them up to get a refund.

    • Rick those issues aren’t Scoopon’s fault. It’s the companies that put deals on Scoopon. The same as if a company puts an ad on TV or in the paper, then doesn’t honour the deal. It’s not the TV station or newspapers fault. Scoopon can’t be blamed for a handyman not honouring a Scoopon coupon they said they would.

  • Thank you for your feedback – we’re very sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience.

    Scoopon works closely with deal providers to develop every single feature that goes up on our site. We subject all potential deal providers to a pretty relentless screening process (credit checks, background checks, on-site visits, etc) and when a Scoopon Member makes a reasonable claim for a refund, we always offer them one. makes it a top priority to ensure that our members have a great Scoopon experience every time. To make sure this happens, we have a dedicated team of Customer Service Specialists to help with all queries or concerns, no matter how big or small.

    Scoopon has sold over 1.3 million Scoopons to date and has a happy, thriving community of Scoopon Members. The feedback we get from Scoopon Members is overwhelmingly positive; less than 1% of our members have reported encountering any problems with using their Scoopons and we’re doing everything we can to make that number even tinier. We’re only satisfied when our Scoopons members are having the best possible Scoopon experience.

  • $599 return flight to phuket??!!

    Well seeing as the general take by Scoopon is 50% that would mean the airline are doing the return flight for $299.50. Obviously not financially viable by them, so like companies like Tiger, they will only allow people on the flights if they are booked by full paying customers to make up the loss on the tickets sold through Scoopon.

    And Scoopon don’t *really* care, they are in it to make the $$’s, I have heard of plenty of times that “dailydeals/group deals” customers get pushed out of bookings etc for full paying customers. They don’t report this because the scoopon customer doesn’t ask for a refund, they just cop the delay/overbooking/cancelled appointment on the chin because it was cheap! They will only ask for a refund usually after the 2nd or 3rd time they get cancelled on.

  • I was intro’d to scoopon today and tried to register for info on a deal with groupon advertiser – wouldn’t accept my web(?) details as above. I chose this site to ask the question because of the higher level of comment and response. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I have bad bad experience with SCOOPON – they are Scam Artists and have absolute no respect for money paying members. They said it to me loud and clear that their only priority is to promote business and thus if their paying member is cheated they care less about it.

    They have terrible communication methods and i suspect foul play in their problem
    resolving procedures, they treated me like a dirt and their company is
    an unreliable to do business with.

    I hope good business are looking at this forums and would stay away from them as would the paying members.

    Well coming to how i was cheated and treated like a dirt – I took scoopon of wheel alignment from respectable company, i went to one place after taking appointment, to my surprise i was told it will take 1 and half hour to touch my car and was also told rubbish about my wheel size and i should have bought wheels from them etc etc. My mistake was i still went ahead and gave them keys and me and my wife went out for a walk, now he thought it will be one hour atleast till i return but to his dismay we were back in 10 min and had made up our mind to wait there, well surprise surprise – car was in another parking bay and i was told alignment was done as soon as i left. When i told its just 10 min i was given obnoxious reply that it was actually 30 min – rubbish and proof would be their cameras and they cannot give me any written report on my wheel alignment as it was not a part of deal. well a bit of argument went no where and i thought of complaining to scoopon and also the companies national complain centre.

    Again to my astonishment wheel alignment companies national complain centre helped me by giving me another go at different store where i was also given written report which clearly stated no previous wheel alignment was done. Before going to the national complain centre i wrote to scoopon help desk and i was told they talked with the cheat store manager and they are sure i got the service and i was the one who is telling lies as they are sure i took more than 30 to return and in mean time my car work was done. How pathetic are scoopon people who will not believe their paying member but will take side of their business partner to get more business. Infact they got the shoe on their face as the same company helped me and not them.

    Story is big and i have omitted many several details but plz anybody who is even reading this last line – SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY AND STAY AWAY FROM SCOOPON – They are biggest scam artists around.

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