Save Space In Your Backpack With DIY Mini USB Cables

Instead of sifting through all your long gadget cables, make your own short USB adapters out of the cables you already have.

We've sung the praises of short USB cables before, but they tend to be a bit overpriced. If you have a good wire stripper and some soldering chops, though, you can take that mess of long wires and shorten them to a more usable link. Hit the link to see how it's done.

Connect USB with Other Devices by Short Wire [Instructables]


    Erm,.. besides the possibility of not actually soldering to the highest standard to prevent data loss or static and such, surely a cable shortened in this fashion would be very inflexible, and I do mean stiff!! What situations would a cable shortened in this fashion be better than a longer cable that has continuity?

      When you don't want a tangle of 2+ feet of cable on your desk.
      Having said that, I tend to just tie a loose knot in long cables to keep them tidy.
      If it's for something more permanent, like in the car, I use a retractable cable. have short cables with most USB connector types available for only a few bucks.
    Here's a kit with the most common types, plus a USB extender cable:

    i use those retractable USB cables (in the pic) for microUSB.

    i have one in my bike's pack, where i have the battery to the lights nd feeding a USB-out 5v for charging my phone when i'm cycling (i use GPS a lot) and also for when i need to charge my Sony MP3 player, also to charge my Bluetooth headphones.

    i then have another set-up on my back-pack. this is for the solar panels i have, feeding another battery pack that powers another USB 5v-out. in there i have various plugs to feed almost anything.

    it kicks out over 1AMP so will charge my tablet too which comes with me everywhere so i can tether my phone's data and enjoy tablet internet freedom anywhere.

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