Run Your Garbage Disposal Before The Dishwasher For Cleaner Dishes

Run cold water down the drain with your garbage disposal for 30 seconds before you run your dishwasher. It will wash away any garbage caught in the disposal.Photo by Alex Garcia.

This garbage can get inside your dishwasher's cycle and make you have to run another wash cycle to get out the coffee grounds and other food garbage on your freshly washed dishes. Another benefit is less chance of garbage entering your dishwasher and blocking the drain line. (We'll grant you garbage disposals are a lot less common down under than in the US, but it's useful to know if you do run into one.)

How to Use Your Dishwasher to Save Money [Unplggd]


    Who made this up? This could only possibly help if your dishwasher is installed incorrectly. The drain hose should always loop up first to near the underside of the bench then back down into the waste to prevent the remote chance of this. It's in every dishwashers installation guide.

    Throw the garbage in the bin. Seems a lot easier than paying to have some device installed to grind it up just so it can go down the drain.

    Who has a garbage disposal here in Oz? i've been here 30 years and have yet to come across one installed in someone's home.

    I read cause I am sick of reading about tips and tricks that only apply to the US.

    More and more of this crap is getting into our AU site. If I want U.S.ified news I will read .com

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