Overcome Creative Blocks By Giving Away Your Services

When the creative ideas or words just aren’t flowing the way they used to (or at all), one possible way to get out of that rut is to create for someone else. Doing someone else a favour may bring on the inspiration.

Photo by photosteve101.

Stepcase Lifehack says that spending every day writing only for your own projects can lead you to lose steam. One of the site’s suggestions for unblocking writer’s block is to write for someone else:

If you’re a journalist, do a favour to a colleague. If you’re a blogger, do a guest post. A genuine guest post, like giving the best of you for somebody else.

Magically, the words will start flowing. The inspiration will hit you like a Newtonian apple and fantabulous images and ideas will literally explode from your brain.

This idea could be applied to any other creative endeavor: if you’re a web designer, donate a site template for charity, perhaps; if you’re a coder, work on an open source coding project; and so on. Doing this may get you some validation and your mojo back.

5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Unblock Writer’s Block [Stepcase Lifehack]


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