New Version Of iSwipe Gets Better Features And A Name Change

iOS: The newest version (currently beta 3) of keyboard replacement app iSwipe adds new and improved visual cues to make the swipe-to-type keyboard more accurate and easier to use.

If you haven't already installed iSwipe (formerly Swype for iOS), then we suggest giving it a try. When we first looked at the app, we noted that this tweak was a great addition to the iPhone, but that it was missing a few features that make the Android counterpart so good (namely, the lack of the blue "tracer line" and incompatibility with third-party apps).

The third beta fills in a lot of what was missing the first time around, including the tracer line. The tweaked keyboard is also now compatible with more than just built-in iOS apps. I've yet to find an app that the third beta does not work with.

The third and perhaps biggest new feature is the alternate word suggestions bar that appears after finishing a word. Most of the time the app will predict the right word, but this bar lets you easily select the correct word if iSwipe didn't get it quite right. If you were waiting for iSwype to mature, than that time has arrived.

iSwype is still a free download for jailbroken iOS devices. For installation details see our previous post.


    I've been using it since it first came out on lifehacker because it's the only thing I missed moving from a galaxy S to an iPhone - I did the upgrade to B3 on Tuesday and the difference is remarkable.

    Much much better than the beta a week ago, very usable.

    I tried it for a while after Beta 2 was released. I found it much slower to type on and it was to easy to inccorecty spell a word. I'm probably just uses to typing for all these years though.

      you don't seem too 'uses' to your current method either and you're 'inccorecty' spelling words that way too

    tried using it. It's not bad, but lacks the accuracy of swype on android, the words that I get are often different to what I'm actually after. Even basic words like 'don't' seem difficult to get

    i just cant get the hang of it, i still think typing with two fingers/thumbs is faster

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