Natural Light And A Wall Of Storage: A Window-Lit Workspace

Today's featured workspace is simple and small, but shows how even tightly organised furniture can work well. But what really makes this bedroom office look so pleasant is the warm, natural light coming through the window. Not only does it make for a nice view while getting things done, but it provides a practical backlight to to the laptop and iPad to keep the levels more even.

This workspace belongs to Ryan Nicholson, who accidentally submitted it to our featured desktop pool (sorry Ryan, had to tease you). It all came together somewhat by accident, as he chose the furniture placement to accommodate a new bed. Putting the desk in front of the window was more of a necessity than a deliberate act, but sometimes that's how you end up with pleasant surprises like this workspace.

Mac Setup July '11 [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    It's just.... cluttered.

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