Make Your Own Rowing Machine

For around a hundred dollars and few hours of time, Instructable user HHarry has created a wooden rowing machine to help strengthen his muscles without significantly weakening his wallet.

The rowing machine might not be the most popular or expensive exercise device out there, but building your own will give you a chance to customise the look and feel of the equipment. It's a great machine to add to your core workout because it works your arms, legs, stomach and back while causing less stress on your joints. Hit the link for the full set of instructions.

DIY Rowing Machine [Instructables]


    If you don't have the time or skills to build this you could probably pick up one locally off eBay/Gumtree for round $100. I have put together a pretty decent home gym from secondhand equipment (most of the time people by it new, and never use it, so its not really secondhand when you think of it like that). I picked up an hardly used $800rrp Cross trainer for $200 off eBay.

      Totally agree, I think the money and time would be better spent on some secondhand equipment - unless you're in it for the challenge, or possibly have the equipment laying around.

    It looks more like some kind of torture device.. I wonder if it can be modified for that.
    I've got a rowing machine that I got from rebel sport.. It had a computer (moisture ruined it) but other then that it works great It cost me about $600 new

      All exercise equipment is half torture machines anyway.

    I got a York Fitness r510 rowing machine for Under $200 last month.

    What do you do about termites? ;)

    Splurge for a more comfortable seat, maybe?

    If you have a pool, buy a kayak and tie one end with a rope to make it stationary. Then row in the pool.

      Rowing machines are designed to simulate the work of rowing a racing shell, whether sculling or rowing sweep; however, kayaking is not one of the exercises it helps with.

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