Make Your Own Furniture Dolly On The Cheap

Moving is annoying, but it can also get pretty expensive before you know it. One of the quickly growing costs is for your moving tools, which can add as much as a few hundred dollars to the bill. Fortunately you can save a bit of money by just making your furniture dollies yourself., a site dedicated to... potatoes?, notes that there are a couple of ways to handle the task. You can either get a thick, flat, wooden board and add wheels (like the one pictured up top) - in which case a cutting board or wooden countertop works well - or you can create a frame out of four 2 x 4 boards and staple/glue some carpet around the frame for protection. Either way it's a pretty simple project, even if you're not terribly skilled at woodwork, and can save you some money. Hit up the post at for the complete instructions.

DIY Furniture Dolly []


    I made something similar to move my Honda generator around and I saved at least $100.

    Cutting board or wooden worktop is often made up of smaller blocks (as in the photo). This isn't a good choic if you're going to use it longer term as it's far weaker than something without weakening joints, like plywood.

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