Make Telstra Mobile Broadband Work With Mac OS X Lion

Make Telstra Mobile Broadband Work With Mac OS X Lion

Mac: Since Mac OS X Lion hit the streets last week, some Telstra mobile broadband users have reported driver issues that render their devices inoperable. Here’s how to keep your connection going.

Even pre-Lion, Mac users have often had a variable experience with mobile broadband drivers, and one common strategy is to ignore the “official” drivers and use the Mac’s built-in networking software instead. While that often works, it does mean missing out on potentially useful extras such as usage checking and SMS messages.

After seeing reports of some mobile broadband dramas, I got in touch with Telstra and asked if up-to-date drivers were available. According to Telstra, the following drivers have been tested and will work on Lion — click the link to access the software:

The full range of supported devices includes the Sierra 301, ZTE MF688a, ZTE MF688, ZTE MF636 and ZTEMF626i. The Pre-Paid Universal Connection Manager has also been updated and tested. Whichever software you use, fully removing the old version before updating is likely to produce a better result.

Had a smooth Lion mobile broadband experience? Share any extra strategies in the comments.


  • Sadly the MF626 stick still doesn’t work even with this updated software, just doesn’t detect in Lion.

    Telstra don’t answer my questions on Twitter about this one, you ring them and get the run around from Pre-Paid, to Faults, to Data Support and all the while you battle with the language of the people on the phone.

    But good news, I can just go spend some more money and buy a new one. Right? 🙁

  • Thanks for the help guys! I was pretty annoyed when my telstra stick (MF626i) didn’t work – it didn’t even occur to me before i installed Lion OS that it wouldn’t be compatible.

    I made my iPhone 4 a personal hotspot to create a wifi connection and then downloaded 3.3.10222 and now the prepaid stick works fine.

    There is also another way to do it as described via this link – it also has the link to download the update.

  • Tried everything to get the Telstra USB Turbo to work (301) and it doesn’t work – mac refuses to connect altho it has the green light for diretc IP – but weirdly, it still gves the details of my account (eg amount of credit etc). Just won’t let me connect to hte net.

    • I got my USB301 working on Lion, I downloaded the general drivers version 2924 (off the sierra website) and installed them worked good, then I re-installed the telstra version 2524 (also off the sierra website) then I discovered if I ejected the Telstra installer that loads when I put the stick in it lets me connect and works great !!

  • Hi, kindly provide me with join me software for Mac O.S I am using Telstra CDMA since 2009, now I change my Machine to MacBook and I would like to continue using it.


  • Thanks so much for posting this! Since upgrading to Lion I had to reinstall and restart my mac every time I wanted to connect with our Telstra Sierra modem. The new connection manager is ten times faster to connect, works every time and the internet speed I just tested is about twice what we were getting before! THANKS!! 😀

  • I’m using an out of the box MF821PP with an out of the box Macbook Pro with OS X (Lion). connection gets dropped every few minutes, after which I have to remove and re-insert the dongle to get connected. Any help? thanks in advance.

  • I just bought a MacBook pro and did not have any success in installing my Sierra 880U stick… In my old Mac I had a hard time installing it 3 years ago but I read that this USB is now discontinued…. What should I do? Went to Telstra website, downloaded a software I thought was good but lion does not detect the device….

  • Im having the same problem jut purchased MacBook pro and my Telstra sierra wireless won’t install properly on my mac. It says to restart to finish install but then it goes trough the whole process again.
    How do I download from these links if I can’t connect to the Internet in the first place?

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