Mailto: For Chrome Opens Email Links In Other Webmail Services

Chrome: If you want Gmail or another webmail service provider to be your default email client when you click on email links on a web page, this handy extension is one of the simplest ways to set up that default action.We’ve previously noted a Windows app to make webmail providers the default email client, and you could also use Gmail notifier to make Gmail the default on both Mac and Windows. But the Mailto: extension is really the simplest to use: click to install, then select from one of the five webmail services – Fastmail, Gmail, Hotmail/Windows Live Mail, Yahoo mail or Zoho mail. You can later switch the option in the extension settings.

Once installed, clicking on standard mailto: links will open a new tab with your webmail page and the To: email address field filled out for you.

Mailto: [Chrome Web Store]


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