Lifehacker Australia Is On Google+

If you've got yourself into Google+, just a quick note: Lifehacker Australia is also on there. Right now it's fairly similar to our Facebook presence — pointers to interesting stories — but we'll see how it evolves. Hit the link to add us to one of your circles. [Lifehacker Australia @ Google+]


    I wish I had a circle :(

      Would you like an invite Leon?

        Yes - comment was my idea of subtlety...

          Whats your email address, I'll send one if you still want one.

            How many invites are available? I'd love one if you have any spare!

            Hi Luke, that would be swell! Leongort at

        can i be subtle and ask for one too? citadel.lewis[at}gmail dot com

    Yes, same here :(

    Must... kill... all... social... media!

    Where is your +1 button so we can share?

    I've got some invites if anyone still wants one.
    Prepare to be underwhelmed ;-)

      I'd love to be underwhelmed Luke, if there are any invites left I'd be grateful to get one. Address is rellej73 at the obligatory email service

      Hey Luke... most generous of you. Have been begging for an invite everywhere, but to no avail.. do you have an extra one to share?

      perera.marlon at the email address we all love.

        Thanks for the invite Luke.. I see what you mean about underwhelmed though, it has definite potential though..

      squeee! Thanks Luke :)

    If anyone has any invites I'd love to check it out. Address is paulwalk at your favourite email service.

    Yes I'd love an invite to:

    richorob at gmail dot com


      Thanks a lot Luke!

    I am surprised that you guys are still waiting for an invite. And that Lifehacker had to wait that long. I have had an invite very early on...

    If anyone would be so kind as to share an invite...
    joshie (at) Joshivity (dot) com

    Thankyou in advance ♥

      As I've somehow only just realized, I need a Gmail account... Please send the invite if you could, to joshivity (at) gmail (dot) com !

        Invite sent Josh

    Perhaps maybe I don't know? COULD I HAVE AN INVITE!, you know if that's possible? ,I mean I didn't want to impose or anything :-p

    Thanks you guys in advance

    [email protected]

      Invite sent

    Can I get invite as well? I have been battling to get one!

    sdodds (at gmail)

    A google+ invite would be great for lookz88 at the best free email on the world ;)

      Thanks for the invite, you guys are the most awesome people arround

    Could I also get an invitation for Google plus please.
    Thanks you

    A Google+ invite to jhmtaylorAt gmail would be sincerely appreciated

    Silent.Truth (at gmail) please! It would be very much appreciated!!!

    James, Rocka, Archit, consider yourselves invited ;)

    jammaster777 (at gmail) please please please. Thanks a million!


    I can haz invite please?
    lewstherinza [at] gmail

    thank you in advance kind sirs

    I'm probably way to late for this, but i would love an invite as well if there is some spare.

    [email protected]

    sent you an invite ryan

    I've also probably missed the boat on this one, but if anyone's got a spare invite: at


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