‘It Takes As Much Energy To Wish As It Does To Plan’

‘It Takes As Much Energy To Wish As It Does To Plan’
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This quote, from former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, is a good reminder that you can sit on your butt and think about doing something or you can actually use that time to plan on doing it. Having hopes and dreams is great, but having plans to achieve them is better.

If you find you’re spending a lot of time thinking about doing something, turn it into a plan. You don’t necessarily have to act on that plan, but if you decide to you’ll be ready. And it definitely doesn’t hurt to see what your wishes look like when they’re more realistic. They might seem more achievable than you originally believed.

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  • Here’s a hypothetical wish –

    ‘I wish I had a million dollars’

    Here’s a hypothetical plan –
    ‘To get a million dollars, I’ll need a business plan. Then I’ll need to review the legalities of my business plan (Dangit, I missed the window to sell addictive stimulants marketed to children). Then consider the viability of my business model, the cost of operation and the revenue potential. Then I’ll need to think of a budget to save some venture capital, or a way to raise some venture capital from other sources. Then I’ll need to think about who to use as my accountant, how to brand my business, how to find time to run the business around my current job until I get cashflow positive enough to live, if it would be cheaper to hire someone, how that impacts my startup budget, and if Ms Roosevelt might have been on crack when she thought this planning process wasn’t going to take any more energy than just wishing I had a bunch of money.’

    I can do a lot of wishing before I use the same amount of energy required for a single plan.

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