InstaTodo Uses Templates To Make Completing To-Dos Easier

InstaTodo Uses Templates To Make Completing To-Dos Easier

iOS: Most to-do apps give you a blank screen and a due date field and leave the rest to you. Not so with InstaTodo, which starts you off with templates for the types of to-dos you want to keep track of.

InstaTodo lets you create checklists, simple to-dos, linked to-dos, and larger projects with multiple items easily. It supports “cancelled” tasks without forcing you to delete them, and marking a task complete allows you to use it to build a template from it.

Upon first using InstaTodo, you’ll need to add most tasks manually, but as soon as you have a few templates created, creating repeating to-dos or even complex linked projects with multiple to-dos, each with their own start, due and review dates. InstaTodo is $5.99 in the iTunes App Store. How do you keep track of your to-dos on the go? Share your favourite app in the comments.



  • The best way I’ve found to manage to-dos on the go is ‘GoTasks’. It syncs with Google Tasks instantly and seamlessly, has alerts/ reminders, and a host of ways to organise your tasks. Best of all, its FREE without ADS!

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