iChromy Browser For iPad Looks And Feels Like Chrome

iOS: iChromy stands out from the pack of iPad browsers in both looks and features. Built to resemble Chrome, it also offers tabbed browsing, an incognito window and an omnibox (a shared box for typing in URLs and search terms).

Since we're not likely to see an official Chrome for iPad anytime soon due to the restrictions of JavaScript engines on iOS, iChromy provides a great browser alternative that has a similar feel and features set to Chrome.

iChromy is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser [iTunes App Store via NirmalTV]


    I wish alternate browsers could import bookmarks from Safari.
    perhaps from a PC as the iPad's Safari offers no way to export but will sync with Safari on a PC.

      If I can synch my Chrome data with iChromy, I'll (probably) never use Safari again. Gonna give it a try tonight...

    You can also change what it identifies itself as (Safari mobile, safari 5, MSIE6 or Ffox 3.6)

    It is pretty good :)

    Has an offline function too, but I havent got around to trying it out.

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