How Well Does Your University Cater For Laptop Users?

I went to university so long ago that I was the only person in my year who even owned a laptop, and it didn’t have a hard drive. Things have changed since then, but the ability of campuses to cater for a lecture theatre full of students toting their beloved notebook computer still varies a lot.

At Deakin University in Geelong for Bar Camp Geelong over the weekend, I was fairly impressed with the at-seat desk options on offer in the lecture theatre. As you can see in the picture, they’re large enough to give resting space for a full-sized 15-inch notebook, which is better than the armrest-style desks I see in many other locations. With that said, there wasn’t much in the way of obvious power outlets.

How well does your campus provide for the inevitable notebook onslaught? Tell us what works — and what doesn’t — in the comments.


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