How To Take A Screenshot On Your iPhone

Sometimes what you're doing on your iPhone is just so amazing you have to save it forever. Lucky for you, your iPhone (or other iDevice) has a built-in shortcut for saving screenshots to your camera roll.

All you have to do is hold down the lock button and the home button at the same time for about one second and your screen will flash white. This is to signify a screenshot has been taken. Now you can head on over to your Camera Roll and check it out or save it for those times you want to relive that important memory.

Watch the video for an awesome demo!

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    Yup.. used this a lot in the last couple of years. It is handy when you have an iTouch, which only has wifi, or you are using your iPhone overseas and just using wifi etc. You can get the webpage, or more usually the "map", of the place you want to go to.. then save it for when you need it later. It's especially useful for overseas in a contry where the language is different and the mobile network is sketchy (or you just have wifi only) because you can not only save the pics of the maps and stuff but also save the pics of the directions in the foreign language.

    It's a great feature, and one that really should be built into everything that has a screen. I mostly use it to knock up quick instructions/tutorials for users (how to set up work email on your phone, common problems and how to fix them, etc). It's a real timesaver.

    How do you it on Android? I'm running a stock GB ROM on a Galaxy S and it keeps taking shots randomly but I can never figure out how to do it myself.

      Check out ShootMe in the market.

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