How To Securely Tie Anything To Your Car

Last time you moved something in your car that was too large to fit in your trunk, you probably lamely cobbled together a few insecure knots. (Oh wait, that wasn't you - that was me.) The Trucker's hitch is a relatively simple knot you can tie with one rope that secures anything with the power of pulleys.

Watch the video above or walk through this step-by-step from DIY site Instructables. You've got a few different options for how you tie off the knot, but the basics are simple, and it's an indispensable knot worth adding to your DIY toolkit. While, you're at it, you may be interested in getting to know the versatile bowline knot.

Trucker's Hitch, THE most awesome knot on the planet! [Instructables via Reddit]


    The truckies hitch I used here in Australia to tie bales down onto trucks is much more sophisticated. If you have a long rope it makes no sense to be passing that free end through anything. Instead a loop is passed around that second point (tree) and another loop pulled through the bend of that and held with a half hitch against the original standing end. In that way a long rope 30m can be tied back and forth across a big load, fixed to rails or tie loops without ever passing a loose end through.

    This is NOT a real truckers knot, if you do this to ropes that belong to someone in the trucking industry, they will murder you. This knot leaves kinks in the rope, do it to your own ropes only.

    Yeah, this guy is some yokel from the boonies,.. that is definitely not a truckers knot as 'Richard' said. It's just a quick and easy hitch and pull that you would only use to tie down stuff that isn't too heavy or had little tendency to move. If you used it on something to tightly you would have a bugger of a time getting it undone. A true truckies knot will undue very easily and won't damage the rope...

    Aargh! I got as far as "put a basic slip knot in your rope" and could go no further. You will end up with stuffed ropes and knots that are impossible to unti if you really pull tight on this (I learned the hard way). A proper trucker's hitch is more similar to a sheep shank and relies on a couple of loops and rope tension to create and hold the pulley loop.

    Also, careful when it comes to using this knot on canoes or kayaks as suggested in the video. On a hot summer's day you may end up with a temporarily squished kayak if you pull it too tight (also learned the hard way).

    Ratchet straps are cheap and easy. I'm never going back to rope.

    Here is the real truckies hitch, one that won't stuff up your rope and is easy to untie.

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