How To Quickly Open Tabs In The Background In Your Web Browser

Sometimes you're browsing along the web and you want to open a page but not bother to look at it right this second. You could right-click the link and choose "Open Link in New Tab", but this little keyboard shortcut can save you the trouble.All you have to do is hold down the Control key (on Windows) or Command (on Mac) and click the link you want to open. This will open a tab in the background and you won't have to deal with it right away. You can also do this with bookmarks and bookmark folders that are sitting in your toolbar. Some Windows browsers will even save you a step and allow you to "middle click" (this generally refers to pushing the scroll wheel on your mouse) to perform this action. Either way, it's a handy trick when browsing the web.

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    You can close tabs in a lot of windows browsers by middle clicking the tab also.

    Some _Windows_ browsers?? Some any platform browsers maybe.
    And some meaning pretty much all.

    So yes, any desktop browser you use you can middle click to open a tab.

    mouse wheel click.

    I've been using middle click for awhile now, pretty handy.

    Middle clicking to open in background has been default in Chrome and Firefox since, well, before I can remember.

    And if you hadn't already set up a way to open background tabs with a mouse click already... Well, I think you've been missing the point of tabbed browsing all along... Just sayin'.

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