How The Windows Azure DataMarket Can Power Your Cloud Apps

Windows Azure doesn’t just offer a great multi-language platform for building cloud applications. Through the Windows Azure DataMarket, it also gives you access to a wealth of data sets you can use to enhance your applications. Here are some that offer potential for Aussie developers.

Cloud apps don’t just need to rely on information generated by individual users; they can also make use of up-to-date data sources, analysing that data in real time to identify trends. Data sets from the DataMarket provide an always up-to-date, comprehensive resource that can greatly enhance business applications.

We’ve picked out a handful that offer great potential for application development; visit the DataMarket to check out the complete collection.

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Expanding into regional markets

Want to build tools that help local companies expand into regional markets? Data sets such as these can help identify trends and quantify market opportunities.


Travel information

Official UK government travel warnings provide a useful source of English-language data to incorporate into travel apps or for use in workplace dashboards.


Global demographics

The United Nations offers a wide range of demographic data for the Azure platform, and most of it is available at no charge.


Pictures by newwavegurly, Sean and Brian Burger


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