Hold The ALT Key For Faster Access To Properties In Windows

Hold The ALT Key For Faster Access To Properties In Windows

This is a much simpler way to check an object’s properties or access system settings. When holding down the ALT key and double-clicking on the Computer link, for example, you’ll be taken to your computer’s System Properties panel where you can quickly access Device Manager, etc.Hold down the ALT key and double-click on the Network shortcut to go to the Network and Sharing centre. This keyboard and mouse combination works on application shortcuts as well and is available on all Windows systems (as far back as Windows 95).


  • It’s a great trick for sure, but it won’t work if you’re using something like KDE Mover-Sizer for Windows (http://corz.org/windows/software/accessories/KDE-resizing-moving-for-XP-or-Vista.php), or this script http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/scripts/EasyWindowDrag_(KDE).htm – both of which change the default behavior of holding ALT while clicking/dragging a window to move the window:
    ; Alt + Left Button : Drag to move a window.
    ; Alt + Right Button : Drag to resize a window.
    ; Double-Alt + Left Button : Minimize a window.
    ; Double-Alt + Right Button : Maximize/Restore a window.
    ; Double-Alt + Middle Button : Close a window.
    ; You can optionally release Alt after the first
    ; click rather than holding it down the whole time.

    However, now reminded of this tip, it would make sense to add an override into this script: something like holding SHIFT+ALT or CTRL+ALT to override the script’s default behavior to bring back the much-missed properties shortcut..

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